Monday, June 18, 2012

Josie Joins The Lacrosse Ranks

This spring, Josie joined her father, sister and brother in picking up a stick and playing the noble game of lacrosse....

which means that in this lacrosse-loving family, I am the cheese who stands alone.

Josie played her first (second and third) lacrosse game(s) at a tournament on Sunday and the whole family went along to cheer her efforts.

Oh, it was so cute.  Josie - a self-described hater of running - actually ran the entire time and she played a mean game of defense including a dramatic interception of the ball:

She was positively BEAMING (the above is an actual photo taken mili-seconds after the interception).

The below photo is a personal favorite of Josie's as it looks like she is being checked on the head by her opponent (she wasn't, it's just an optical illusion):

For the last game of the day, Josie volunteered to play goalie - the position her father played in high school and college and the position that her brother plays on one of his lacrosse teams.

Gordy went to the sidelines to help Josie suit up:

and now prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of adorable.


But wait!  It gets even more adorable!  The cuteness is about to get unbearable!  Josie, apparently, has been paying attention during the many games she has watched Henry play over the years, and so when she found herself suited up and standing in the goal, she imitated every last goalie stance she had ever seen and took the whole experience up a notch with her intense level of concentration:

And within five minutes she had saved not one....

but two potential goals!!! 

Josie was on fire!  

At this age (under 9), the girls take turns playing goalie, so at half-time, it was another girl's chance to protect the net and Josie returned to the field.  At the end, all the girls were exhausted but happy.

We took a photo of their team to remember their first year of lacrosse.  It was a season to remember!


Angie said...

OMG- Total cuteness!!!

Martha said...

I know, right!

Lovey said...

The posing is fantastic! Her brother must have been proud of her goalie skills!

jhwade said...

I've never really understood that game, the kids seem to like it though. Looks like it would be fun if I knew how to play.

Martha said...

Her brother was proud, lovey! If she becomes a lacrosse goalie in the future, I'm sure he'll say that it was all because of him!

Thanks for commenting!

Martha said...

Lacrosse is a confusing game, you're totally right, jh. I've been watching it for years and I still haven't completely figured it out. The boys get to hit each other with their sticks which explains why they like it so much but the girls don't get to. Georgia loves lacrosse because it gives her a chance to run non-stop for an hour and Josie likes it because most of the teams wear cute skirts. Can you tell which of my girls enjoys athletics more than the other?

ha, ha!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I know absolutely nothing about lacrosse, but I wish I could get my girls interested in some team sports. They would never be willing to don all that equipment! So glad Josie had a good experience!!! Go Josie!!!

Martha said...

Lisa - I was surprised that Josie was willing to don all that equipment, too! She's very particular about her clothes - it took her 20 minutes to choose the "perfect" outfit to go for a bike ride this morning!

Good grief!


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