Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Last Day of School!


No more studying!  No more projects!  No more tests, quizzes or qwests (don't even ask!)

I don't know who is happier - me or the kids!

Henry survived his first year of middle school and his first year of mid-terms and final exams.

Henry on the first day of school (his head is just past the height of the mantel piece)

Henry on the last day of school - his head is just past the mantel piece.

Georgia also had a fantastic year at school.  She took her first standardized tests, learned to write long essays, played on two soccer teams and a lacrosse team.

Georgia on the first day of school:  

August 2011 (her head is at the bottom of that oblong rock to the left of her head):

Georgia on the last day of school (her head is now 2/3rds of the way up that same oblong rock):

Josie mastered reading in the first grade.  She can now read almost anything you give her.  She also learned how to write essays and played a few sports after school.

Josie on the first day of school in August:

Her height is exactly in the middle of the second row of fireplace rocks.

Josie on the last day of school - coincidentally wearing the same dress as the first day of school!

She has now grown past that center rock and is heading towards the third row!

Happy Summer!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Yay Summer! Love the First Day/Last Day pics!

Martha said...

It's the summer the best!!! I am so happy to be finished packing lunches for awhile!

Angie said...

Happy Summer Friend! My daughter has been out of school since early May but I can tell you that I enjoy her being out more than she does :)

Martha said...

I totally agree, Angie! I totally agree!

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