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Gordy's parents have officially sold their vacation house in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Gordy and I were married on the house's deck in 1998:

(me on the actual deck where we got married)

We had originally planned a wedding in my home state of New Jersey, but once we booked a country club and started to plan the details, Gordy and I realized that an elaborate, fancy wedding was not what we wanted at all.

Our first plan was to elope, but we worried that we would regret the decision later.  Our second plan was to have a tiny wedding (no more than 50 people) on the deck of the Tahoe house.  We didn't want a lot of hoopla, we didn't want a lot of fuss and we didn't want to be the center of attention for longer than we had to.

It was a good plan - although I still would have been just as happy to have eloped.

Lake Tahoe is a place that is very dear to Gordy and I.  We've had wonderful, relaxing vacations there for years.  We took Henry to the lake house when he was one and we went back every summer until he was eight.  We brought our pug, Nancy, there every summer of her life and our other two pugs, Max and Reuben, came along for one visit as well.  We loved swimming in the icy waters of the lake, playing in the sand of Emerald Bay, hiking to the old water tower, shopping in Tahoe City.... but most of all, we loved just hanging out at the house, sitting on the deck and relaxing.  

In many ways, we are sad to lose the connection to a place that has so many happy memories, but we understand the decision to sell the house.  Our family said our good-byes to the house three years ago and haven't been back since.  

In honor of Lake Tahoe and 108 Edgewood, I scanned photos of our various Tahoe vacations for you all to enjoy:

The day before the wedding, 1998 - we are standing in the house's entry hall.  Gordy is modelling a garter given to me by my good friend Nara as a gag gift.  Our pug, Nancy, wore it as a fancy collar for our wedding and it is still in our girl's dress-up box today.

The year before (1997), when we came to check out reception venues and cake bakers.  Nancy was still just a tiny puppy and this was her first (of many) flights.  Bringing a dog on a plane is good practice for bringing children on the plane - make a note of it! 

1999:  Our friend Tara come to visit us in Tahoe right before we moved from Chicago to Boston.  Please excuse my high-waisted, baggy jeans.  Those were the style of the time - I swear!

Still 1999:  Nancy doing what she liked the most... lounging on the deck.  That blue sky behind her is actually the lake.

2001:  We brought one year old Henry to Lake Tahoe for the first time.

2002:  Henry spends another Lake Tahoe vacation, this time with our friends Bruce, Allison and Adah.  

2003:  Georgia's first trip to Tahoe (note that the children are getting sprayed with a sprinkler on the right side!)

2004:  Georgia's second summer trip to Tahoe

2005:  Josie's first year at Lake Tahoe

2006:  Josie is one, Georgia is three and Henry is 6

2007 - everyone is one year older and life is just that much easier.

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa's boots.  Our dog, Reuben is watching Henry to make sure those boots aren't going to hurt him.  Reuben was always very protective of his beloved Henry.

I had a lot of photos from this trip because I was determined to get a Christmas card photo in Tahoe.  Alas, this was Henry's grimace phase and not one of the posed photos  turned out the way I had hoped. All three of my children went through the grimace phase and Josie - always one to make something her own - used to close one eye when she made her grimace.  She's spunky that way.

Crawdad fishing off the pier

2008:  Our last trip to Lake Tahoe

By 2008, talk had already begun about selling the Tahoe House and so that summer, I took a ton of photos featuring the house and the deck.  I'm so glad I did because it was our last year there.

Henry definitely remembers Tahoe.  He remembers the house and going to the beach.  He remembers the various "hikes" we took and how we took the tram up the mountain at Squaw Valley and jumped on the resort's bungee trampoline.  He remembers riding his bike to River Ranch for lunch and during the ride one year, he and Gordy saw a mother bear and two cubs.

Georgia, too, remembers Tahoe, although perhaps not as well as Henry.  Her last summer trip to the lake was right after kindergartner and right before her heel-cord lengthening surgery.  Her memories are more vague - she remembers hearing about a bear that hibernated under the home's deck, she remembers the toys that Grandma kept in the house, and she remembers feeling annoyed that when we first arrived, we would have to go grocery shopping for supplies.

I interviewed Josie for this post as well.  "What do you remember about Lake Tahoe?" I asked her.

Her answer?  She remembered swimming in the water and she remembers hearing the sounds of animal feet on the roof one night, but her most vivid memory is of the afternoon that Gordy and I locked the house keys in the house and Josie had to climb through a living room window and open the door for us.  It was a glorious moment in the life of four year old Josie.  She was, after all, the only person small enough to fit through the tiny window and she saved the day.

What will I remember?  I will remember all the things the children remembered, but I will also remember how cold and refreshing the lake was and how beautiful the view was from the deck.  I will remember the relaxing feeling of sitting on a lounge chair on the deck and listening to the birds sing around me.  The deck overlooking Lake Tahoe was my go-to happy place in my mind whenever I felt stressed during most of the 1990's and 2000s.  I will remember how much fun we had each year and how happy I was that my entire family and all our closest friends made the trip to northern California for our wedding.

Lake Tahoe is such a special place.  Even though the house has been sold, I'm sure we'll go back there some day.  Until then, we'll have a lot of photos to enjoy and memories to discuss and that's wonderful, too.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Great pictures and great memories!

Martha said...

thank you! It's really a beautiful place!

TZRB said...

Oh no! Sad that it's no longer in the family. So many wonderful memories (and many hilarious ones as well). I'm honored to be included in this tribute, tragic attire aside ;) A fabulous retrospective of your gorgeous family in a gorgeous place. xx

TZRB said...
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Guymons said...

I love Tahoe....our favorite vacations ever were both at Tahoe!!!!

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