Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We Celebrate Our Town

Our town celebrates itself in early June.  There is a huge street fair, rubber duck races in the river, a house and garden tour and night-time fire works.  This year, Town Day got rained out, so the powers that be postponed the festivities until the weather was better.  Sadly, the rain day was a busy one for the our family:  Georgia had soccer placements and a lacrosse game (and two soccer games which luckily got cancelled because of morning rain) and Josie had lacrosse practice.  I did the math and realized that we had exactly 60 minutes to visit the street fair this year.  It wasn't a lot of time, but we worked diligently to visit everything there was to see.

Gordy had to work the Youth Hockey booth for two hours.  He passed out hockey sticks and set up pucks or balls for the kids to shoot:

Both Henry and Josie made two goals - a fact that Gordy used to tease the older boys who shot and missed.  "You know, Henry's seven year old sister got 2.  You should at least get one!" 

No one liked hearing that they were beat by Henry's younger sister - no one except said little sister, who thought the whole situation was pretty awesome.

ha, ha!

We took a tour of all the booths and received a ton of swag.

Josie made a drum at a music booth:

And we bought a duct-tape flower pen from a family friend who had her own booth.  

Josie's two goals in the Youth Hockey booth had earned her a free ice cream certificate, so before we left the street fair, I got ice creams for the girls.

Henry had long since left us to join some friends and see the sites without an embarrassing mother or two annoying sisters.

We all met up at the Youth Hockey booth and headed off to rest of the day's activities.  We missed the rubber duck drop/race and the house tour... we even missed the fireworks that night (it was way too cold and wet to be outside watching fireworks) but we felt we did our part to celebrate our town.

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Angie said...

I love little town festivals. We have a Harvest fest every October!

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