Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Are Never Going To Believe This!

Josephine passed her deep water swim test!!!!!

I know!  I couldn't believe it, myself!  Just when we thought she might never muster up the courage - or the energy - to swim those two perfect, freestyle laps without stopping, Josie surprised us all by passing the test during a private swim lesson on Sunday evening.

She didn't even know she was taking the test!  Her teacher just said, very casually, "why don't you try swimming from this end to the other without stopping.  Just for practice."  And when Josie finished that lap, the teacher said "let's just swim back without stopping - just for fun."  And then when Josie got to back to the shallow end, her teacher yelled, "YOU PASSED!!!"

I didn't have my camera with me - I wasn't even paying attention because I was chatting to a friend I hadn't seen for a year - so, I waited until Josie got home and told Gordy, Georgia and Henry the good news to record the moment on film.

Josie did a celebratory dance!

and we all cheered.  It was a very, very wonderful moment.

Because her lesson was on a Sunday night when the pool office was closed, Josie had to wait until Monday morning to get her red arm tag.  We went inside the office when we dropped Henry off for sailing and Josie very proudly watched as the office manager recorded her name in the Test Book and handed her the coveted deep end bracelet.

This is more than just a monumentous moment for Josie, having my last child pass her deep end test changes my life, too.  I will no longer have to go out and sit by the pool whenever Josie wants to go off the diving board or swim in the deep end.  I may continue to join my children in the sun, occasionally, but it won't be mandatory any longer and that seems pretty neat.

It was thundering and lightening when we dropped Henry off at sailing this morning and we had 30 minutes to kill before Georgia got out of her sailing lesson and we could go home, so Josie and I went to the snack bar to grab something to eat.

And like a newly engaged woman, Josie found ample opportunities to move her arm around the air and show off her new ring - I mean red band.  It was very cute.  Oh!  Do you not know where the mustard is (dramatic whole arm point) - it's Over There!  Need me to open that door for you?  (dramatic whole arm movement)  No problem!  I'm happy to help!

I'm sure she will remember this moment her entire life!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Ya Josie! That's great!

Tara said...

Yippie! Way to go Josie! Congrats. And that was a fabulous Victory Dance - go Girl!!

Martha said...

Josie says thank you to you both! She keeps repeating "I didn't even know I was taking the test!" Of course, it's been pouring rain all week and we haven't had a chance to go to the pool and enjoy the new found freedom, but hopefully we will soon!

elisabeth said...

Yay Josie! And yay Josie's swim teacher!

Martha said...

Good point, Elisabeth! I've never met a lifeguard who liked more than this one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Josie! Love how you see Gordy lounging in the background during her celebration. Those are some great dance moves!


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