Thursday, July 26, 2012

July: The Previously Unseen Portions

It's been such a wonderful summer so far.  The other day, we did the math and realized that there are exactly eight weeks left of school vacation - which is the exact same amount of total vacation days we got last summer!  In other words, it's July and we still have an entire vacation left.  No one is more happy than I am, as I love summer and I love being busy without being Busy.  If you catch my drift.  Since July is coming to a close, I have decided to fill you in on the little parts of summer that didn't make full blog posts.  Like the above photo, of Georgia on her way to Pirate Day at sailing lessons.  Arg!  Shiver me timbers!

And have I told you that we are now officially farmers?  The girls planted marigold seeds in our front yard and they are actually growing:

See?  I don't have the family green thumb, so this tiny bit of agriculture impresses me!

We also went to a fun dinner party at our friends' house:

Three families, nine kids and six adults:

in other words:  chaos and mayhem.

I probably don't need to tell you that the party was amazing fun and yet, the two oldest Elliot children left in tears.

It was a question of who was cheating and who was playing fair in a game of cops and robbers.  Fairness is a huge topic of discussion between Henry and Georgia - especially when it's late at night and they are tired.  


We have also done more than our fair share of pogo-sticking:

and ice cream eating:

Gordy and Henry went fishing the other day with Gordy's dad, brother-in-law and cousin.  Henry caught the following 40 incher:

Good job, Henry!  

And we are all waiting, on baited breath, for the imminent arrival of this little guy:

Hurry up, baby!  We are so excited to meet you!  

Hope your July has been great, too!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Looks like fun!!! nd I love Jpsie's green dress!

Angie said...

My daughters school starts in 10 days and it makes me sad :(

Martha said...

Thanks, Lisa! That was a hand-me-down (as most of Josie's are!) from Georgia. Georgia hates to wear dresses so hers stay in pristine condition to pass down to Josie!

Martha said...

Poor Annika! 10 more days of summer? What a drag!

Sean said...

Great catch Henry!

Martha said...

Henry says"Thanks, Sean!"

David said...

Final score: 2 kids 16 fish. Three adults 3 fish

Martha said...

Very true, David! Very true!

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