Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picnic Snacks

I just love summer.  I absolutely love the hot.

If it wasn't for eighty-degree, sunny days, we wouldn't be able to have our snacks outside, on the front stoop.  

Yesterday, the girls made chocolate chip banana bread (from a mix) and then enjoyed a picnic outside with our neighbor friend.

My girls were feeling a little goofy.

So goofy, in fact, that Josie decided that it would be even more fun to eat her banana bread on top of the railing.

She was right.

It was more fun to eat her snack from up high.  Another summer truth learned.

We are all loving the lazy afternoons.  Summer is just the best, isn't it?


Elizabeth said...

Nonsense! You could still eat your banana bread outside on a cool day -- you just wouldn't sweat while doing so!

Angie said...

I'm usually a huge fan of summer and I love 80 degree weather but these 100 degree temps are getting to me. I wish it would cool down just a bit. Then I'd be all for outdoor picnics!!! Glad you and yours are enjoying your summer days. Don't blink, they will be gone before you know it and winter will be back.

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