Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reconnecting With Old Friends

We got invited to spend the day with our friends Chuck & Talia and their three children at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.  Gordy went to college with Chuck and Talia, and we used to see each other quite regularly on the wedding circuit.  But that all changed once everyone got married off, children were born and traveling got just a little more complicated.

It was so fun to re-connect with old friends and watch our children - who are all exactly the same age - enjoy hanging out together.

It was also an added treat to spend a beautiful day at a beautiful lake.

The Elliot children tried ALL the available toys!

Georgia tried the paddle board.

And Henry and Josie both kayaked.

but the highlight of the day was when we went on the motor boat and our children got to try tubing for the first time.

Cast of Characters:

(Henry, age 12)

(Georgia age 9 1/2)

(Kylie, age 9 1/2)

(Josie, age 7)

(Jake, almost 13)

(Macy, age 7)

Georgia got the first try:

Talia gave her a quick tutorial about how to use hand signals to communicate with the boat, how to hang on to the tube and what to do when you fall off.

Needless to say, my little daredevil insisted on going pretty fast:

Next it was Kylie's turn and she showed us what a tubing pro looks like:

Henry followed Kylie and was the first one to fall off:

He said that hitting the water, felt like hitting a rock wall but he was smiling from ear to ear when he said it, so I'm pretty sure he was fine.

Next up was Josie's turn.  She looks apprehensive in this photo, but she wasn't.

She loved going fast and bouncing over the waves.

Macy followed Josie and she looked like an old pro, too.

And Jake?  Did he ride the tube?  Yes, but sadly, none of my photos of Jake turned out.  Sorry, Jake.  But look, here you are with Kylie and Henry on the float:

I'd hate for you to think I left you off the blog on purpose!

We had a wonderful visit and a wonderful day.  

Gordy and I had to drag our children out of the water when it was time to leave.

Hopefully our two families will get together again soon.

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