Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sailing With Henry

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, summer day.  I asked Henry if he would take me out sailing on the lake.  I've never been sailing with Henry before and I've never been out in our boat.  Gordy went out sailing with Henry the very first year Henry took lessons and they capsized the boat right next to the dock, in what our sailing program refers to as "the Gut."  It is a small bay off to one side of the lake and the water is just as unappetizing as it's name suggests.  

I did not want to capsize in the Gut.  Or in the Lake.  But I had faith in Henry and his four years of sailing experience and I wanted to leave land for a little while and enjoy the great outdoors.

I'm so glad that I did.

The water was beautiful and Henry has really become a highly competent, advanced sailor.

He also had a surprisingly calm instructing style.  "Lets switch places," he would say and when I had scooted to the other side of the boat, very ungracefully on my rear and he had more expertly moved there on foot, he would say - again very calmly - "whoa.  That was close.  We almost capsized there."

Had it been me in charge of the boat during an "almost capsizing" moment, there would have been a great deal more shrieking involved.  And perhaps a good dollop of panic thrown in for good measure.

There wasn't too much wind as we sailed out of the Gut, but once we got on the lake, the wind really picked up and we moved pretty quickly.

Or sail boat is itty bitty.  It's more of a floating bathtub than a boat.

It was really made for one person rather than two.  

We didn't stay out on the lake very long.  Henry wanted to get back to the pool and try out the new diving board and I was eager to change out of my wet shorts.

We headed back to the dock ....

and Henry rowed the boat back to the mooring.

I am so impressed with how far Henry has come with sailing.  I hope he continues to enjoy the sport for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

I was fully enjoying "chuck" in charge and then I saw " new diving board"??!!!
Glad you had great day with Henry!

Martha said...

Maybe it's time for your Chuck to take you out in the sailboat too? Georgia tells me that they have had extensive surveys of the water lilys!

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