Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Southerns Were Here

Meredith, Lily and Avery (aka 3/4ths of The Southerns) stopped by for two days on their way up to Maine to visit Granny & Grandfather.  This year, we took them to the beach for the day.

We arrived bright and early (which was difficult for the Southern teenagers, but we were impressed with their effort).

When we arrived, the beach wasn't too crowded and we had our pick of beach blanket locations.

It was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day and we did plenty of beach-y things.

... like doing "the Berney" in the water...

and making sand castles.

Josie is too old-school to berney - which is fine with me.

All three of my children enjoyed hanging out with the teenagers.

Lily even buried Henry in the sand and made him into a mermaid:

and she helped carry Georgia back to the blanket after Georgia had a cooling swim in the water:

The next day, Henry went to sailing, while the rest of us went to Cambridge and enjoyed a Harvard College tour.  I found the whole thing rather interesting, but Georgia and Josie were Bored Out of Their Minds.

It's a good thing they have a loooong time to go before they have to actually listen to a college tour guide!

The Southerns are now up in Maine and eating lobster rolls and ice cream.  We hope they are having fun.  See you at Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

What's a berney?

Angie said...

Oh the Berney- it's the in thing for teens here in KY too!!!

Looks like you all had a blast :)

Martha said...

elizabeth - you tube it. It's a "dance" but it looks more like some sort of zombie fit.

Hopefully it will be over before you son is old enough to do it in public!

Martha said...

Angie - I had thought it was a MA thing but my NC nieces both knew it as well! I'm ready for this trend to be over, but I guess it's pretty harmless!

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