Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Work

I firmly believe that summer is the time when children recharge their batteries after ten months of school and homework.  Some of my friends send their children to academic camps over the summer, but for the most part, the children in our town - including my own - are footloose and fancy free.  That's not to say that SOME school work needs to be completed during the months of July and August.  Henry has an assigned book he has to read, and Georgia needs to continue to quiz herself on her multiplication facts.  Josie is supposed to be reading and practicing math as well, but in addition, she asked if I would teach her how to tell time.

I decided that we needed a pretend clock to assist us with this lesson.

I assembled a large tub, poster board, a ruler and scissors.

Josie traced the tub shape on the poster board.

And I cut the shape out.

Next, I traced the hour and minute hands and had Josie color them in:

She did this task while I divided our "clock" into minute sections.

This was a much harder task than I had expected, probably because my clock wasn't perfectly round.

It may have taken me a bunch of tries.

I have never claimed to be good with a ruler.

Our finished clock look like the above.

Then the lessons began.  We learned about o'clock and skip counting by fives.  Then I showed Josie how to count individual minutes and tell me the time.

She did very well, but her time-telling skills will need further perfecting.  As far as summer work goes, though, this project was pretty fun.


Anonymous said...

Cute project! Great, too, that she is asking to learn. I am struggling just to get my girls to keep up with their required amount of summer reading!!

Martha said...

I'm struggling to get Henry to read, too! And Josie, for that matter. Summer days seem to fly by and I can get just as lazy as the children!

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