Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Baltimore Adventure

When talk began about what Henry wanted to do for his 12th birthday, Henry surprised us all by announcing that he wanted to forgo the usual sporting-event party and instead take a trip - with me - to Baltimore.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  I love spending one-on-one time with Henry and I love a good weekend trip.  A weekend trip alone with Henry?  Sounds great to me!

We arrived in Baltimore on Saturday morning and dropped our bags off at the hotel.  I had purchased a guide book a few weeks before our trip, and we had an idea of the places we wanted to see.  Henry made the decision to spend the most time at the National Aquarium, so we scheduled that portion of the trip for day two.

On day one, we went to the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center and got a fantastic view of the entire city:

and then I convinced Henry to walk to this park where I had read they had a really neat, Victorian pagoda that you could climb.  What we didn't know at the start of the journey, was that I was interpreting the city blocks on the Baltimore map to be equal to streets in Manhattan.... and this was not the case.  The short walk to the park ended up being a long, extremely hot, humid death march about three miles away.

I even stopped to take a photo of the sweat dripping down Henry's check.  

Baltimore is a gorgeous, fun, vibrant city.... and it is also the hottest place EVER.

And isn't this the most beautiful pagoda you have ever seen?  Gorgeous right?  Worth the three mile journey in scorching heat?

We thought so too, until we got to the door and read the "Closed for Renovations" sign!  Whoops!

Henry was a good sport about it!  We took a taxi back to the waterfront and had a terrific lunch near our hotel.  As it was his birthday party, I allowed Henry to get as much food and drink as he wanted:

He was very pleased with the calamari!

Next, we went on the Science Museum

and around to the opposite side of the harbor to get a different view of our hotel and our surroundings:

Henry bought himself a pair of plaid sunglasses:

and he rode a sculpture:

We also took a harbor cruise:

We were exhausted after the cruise ended, so we went back to our hotel:

This was the view from our window.  You can see the dragon boats and the roof of the mall which housed Henry's favorite Baltimore store, It's Sugar.  And it WAS sugar, let me tell you.

That night, Henry and I went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant that was completely empty for the first 30 minutes we were there.  It was Memorial Day weekend, and most of Baltimore had left and gone to the shore.  The restaurant was AMAZING.  My dinner was delicious and my cocktail was perfection.  That's one great thing about travelling with a child-foodie... you don't have to stick to chain restaurants!  

Want to know what else we did while in Baltimore?  Check back tomorrow!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

What a great trip and what a great idea! My oldest will be 10 next week and even she doesn't know what she wants for her birthday. A trip like this would be great for her. Love the pic of Henry and that gigantic bowl of calamari - my girls wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! :)

Martha said...

I'm with your girls! i would touch a bowl of calamari with a ten foot pole, either! Henry loves his food!

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