Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Art Projects Go Horribly Wrong

Life isn't perfect and we might as well prove that fact here on our blog.  Just like our summer adventures can sometimes prove to be complete disasters, so too can some of the art projects that we attempt.  Case in point:  paper mache animal heads.

Gordy has been taking each child out for an hour on Saturdays for his very own "sports camp."  With Henry, Gordy has been doing lacrosse drills and endurance training.  With Georgia, he has been working on different soccer skills.... and with Josie?  Well, Josie wanted to do Art Camp - indoors and in the air conditioning.

Years and years ago - long before Josie was even born - Gordy made paper mache fishes with Henry and Georgia, and Josie has always wanted to try a paper mache project herself.

Balloons (given out for free at our dry cleaner) were blown up:

The paper mache flour and water blend was prepared:

and the Art Camp commenced:

It took some time, but Josie managed to cover her entire balloon with newspaper strips and paper mache glue:

Georgia got special permission from the Head Camper (Josie) to join in the fun and games and she soon had her balloon covered as well:

this is what the end product looked like before we put them in the garage to dry:

and this, sadly, is what the balloons looked like after two days of curing and after the balloon obviously lost air before the paper mache had a chance to dry.

Whoops!  The idea was to paint the balloons and make them look like animals but we haven't quite figured out what animal looks like a deflated football.  Oh well.

Not all projects work.  Maybe next time.


Angie said...

Oh no, too bad! At least the gals had a good time trying. Hope they weren't too disappointed with the outcome.

Martha said...

Oh Angie, it WAS bad! really bad and really ugly. Oh well, such is life!

Guymons said...

ohhhh this reminds me of Melanee's 5th birthday party. Her birthday is Oct 28th, so it was a Halloween themed party. THe kids came dressed in costumes. She wanted a pinata. We MADE one with a big balloon and paper mache, like at GOrdie's art camp. The balloon didnt pop, though. We painted it as a jack o lantern. We filled it with candy. Hung it on a tree. And the very first kid, on his very first swing, busted it all open. Guess that's why they make "real" pinatas out of mostly cardboard.

Martha said...

Diane - that's so funny!! I could totally see something like that happening to us!

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