Thursday, August 30, 2012

A House With A View (Or Why I Was Sad To Leave Block Island)

This was our ninth year renting a house on Block Island - and it was our ninth house.  That's right.  We've never rented the same house twice.  Sometimes it's our choice to not return to a particular house the following summer and sometimes we would love to rent the house again but the owner reserved that week for themselves  or else someone with greater means rented the house for the entire summer.  We've learned to not get attached to any particular place.  

For the most part, we have rented some nice places, but we've had some doozies as well.  We have also learned that even the nicest homes usually come with flaws.  Last year's house  - with the broken water filter and therefore no showers - was a good example of a flawed rental.  

The house we rented this year was no exception.  It was by far the nicest home that we've ever rented - it was new and modern and clean, it had a spectacular view.... and yet it had one serious flaw:   the property was RIDICULOUSLY close to the neighbors.  I'm talking 25 paces away on one side and not too much further on the other.  I would have called it a family compound except none of us were remotely related.

As always, our family made the best of the situation and luckily, the weather was so beautiful, we didn't want to spend that much time at home (on top of the neighbors).  

And, when we did find ourselves at home, I made sure to look out to the east because...


The view from the master bedroom deck!

The view from the front:

The view from the side:

And the view from my lounge chair on most nights:

I partook of many a cocktail on this beautiful deck:

And I read many a book (or in this case, magazine, because I had finished all my books):

One evening a gorgeous sail boat joined me for my evening respite:

I sent emails and typed a blog post from this very spot and it was quite a change from my normal computer spot.

Leaving Block Island was particularly sad this year.  Two weeks on the island really cleared my head and I left feeling very relaxed and refreshed.  I miss that beautiful view.  Our town in Massachusetts is certainly pretty but it's more a Green pretty than a Blue pretty.  It will take me a few weeks to get over the change of color!

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