Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crabbing: Elliot Style

When I was growing up, we would visit my grandparents at their country house in the Poconos.  In addition to plentiful cupcakes, the ever-present smell of coffee and swims in the river, these weekends also meant one thing:  deer hunting.  

Relax!  I'm not talking about actual hunting... you know my dislike of blood sports (even fishing made me squeamish, for goodness sake)!  The deer hunting we did involved cramming into my Aunt Elsie's yellow VW beetle, driving around open fields and counting the deer we saw.  These hunts also ended in getting ice cream because all fun activities usually have a snack -- that's the Elliot Way.  (ha, ha)!

In keeping with the family tradition of hunting simply to enjoy the search and not for food or sport, my three children (plus Sam) discovered the joys of "crabbing."  Like my deer hunts, the children's crabbing mainly involved searching for the elusive creatures and counting up how many could be found.  

... and sometimes putting the really big ones into a bucket for a minute or two so inspections could be made.

Most days, the children did their crabbing at the far end of Mansion Beach, but on a few occaisions (mostly to fill a free hour), I took them to New Harbor where the rocks were plentiful and the tide was low.

Every now and then a crab would be found that was so big it was scary:

This particular one made Josie shreik and fall down:

I noted how the buckets went mostly unused.  No one felt like picking up these big crabs!

The second week of vacation, Sam was gone and Gordy had gone back to Massachusetts.  The children and I stayed pretty busy, but one afternoon, we did make it down to the beach below our house.  We thought that it might be a good place for a little late afternoon crabbing:

It wasn't, after all.  But it was a great place to sit and enjoy the ocean and watch the waves crash upon the rocks.

And it was a good afternoon for checking out a dead sea turtle who had washed ashore:

I just asked Henry what the grand total of crabs they found on Block Island, but he didn't really know.  Best guess?  Lots.


Angie said...

How fun and so educational too! We have never went crabbing while at the beach. How do you actually find them creatures?

Martha said...

I have no idea! I guess they are under rocks, but who knows! I never get near enough to see.

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