Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fishing Off Block Island

When we were on Block Island last year, one of us (cough-HENRY-cough) was a little bored.  In our non-vacation life, we are a very busy family and so when we find ourselves on holiday, Gordy and I like to scale back the activities and just relax.  The slower schedule suits Georgia and Josie, but Henry is not one to sit still and (God forbid) read.  Perhaps, too, it was Henry's age or a stage he was going through, but last year's vacation included a healthy amount of whining and complaining.  We vowed that this year, Miserable "What Are We Doing Now" Henry, would not be allowed on the family vacation.

The first thing we did, was invite Henry's friend Sam to join us for the first five days of the trip.  This plan worked amazingly well.  Sam had never been to Block Island before and Henry liked showing him around all the hot-spots.  Playing with Sam filled in all those moments of non-activity that Henry disliked so much the year before.  And having Henry occupied meant that the rest of us could sit on the porch with a cold drink and enjoy the view.  

But I didn't stop there - I also did a little research and planned a few outings, the biggest of which was an early-morning fishing trip.  I figured that maybe we could strike a balance between pure relaxation and Doing Something.

We were on board Captain Mitch's fishing boat at 7am sharp and within minutes, we were underway.

Henry had just been fishing the week before off Cape Cod with relatives, so he knew exactly what to do and what was going to happen.

Josie (and Georgia) did not.  The arrival of that first fish and the subsequent bloody removal of the hook and the horror of watching the fish suffocate on the deck of the boat was a bit of a shock.

I wondered if they would even want to take their own turn in the chair:

but they did and they both caught a few big ones:

Our captain - who was extremely nice and great with kids - was not particularly good about taking photos.  Once we told him that we weren't planning on keeping the fish, he mostly cut them off the hook and threw them back into the water immediately.  This was good for those of us who felt squeamish about hurting the fish, and good for the fish themselves, but not so good for blog posts or posterity.

Sam and Henry fished the most.  The girls gave up after a few turns.  Georgia was feeling pretty sea-sick and wanted to lie down.

In fact, most of the kids were feeling poorly.  Henry had a terrible headache, Georgia spent most of the trip looking like a ghost, and while Sam had been the only one besides Gordy to take a dramamine, he wasn't looking his best either.  After the second hour, all four children were camped out under the roof and not talking.

and Henry had even thrown up over the side of the boat.

At least he wasn't complaining that he was bored!

As they always do, the kids perked up once we got off the rocking boat.  Gordy and I took them out for brunch at the Surf Hotel.

One enormous meal later, everything was back to normal.  

We resumed our more leisurely vacation soon after the meal was over.... and that suited Gordy and I just fine!


The Royal Couturier said...

I tried fishing once, and it was EPIC FAIL! glad your experience was better :D
why didn't you keep the fish?

Martha said...

I would call this fishing trip an epic fail, as well!

We didn't keep the fish because Gordy is allergic and I actually hate the taste! Plus, no one in our family has any idea who to clean a fish or cook one!

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