Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friendship Bracelets & Other Assorted Weaving

We let the children purchase a toy at the Block Island toy store each summer.  Purchasing said toy usually takes at least two trips to the toy store, as the children like to look at every thing, weigh their options and then spend a few days contemplating before making their final decision.  My children do not enjoy buyer's remorse.  

This year, Georgia chose a friendship bracelet making kit that was "child-friendly" which is craft-speak for easy.


At some point, Gordy was suckered into opening the box and reading the directions.  These friendship bracelets were made by cutting multiple lengths of thread, tying knots and using a foam-flower to weave the threads into a bracelet.  

The kit came with two foam flowers, so Georgia and Henry got the first try at making the bracelets while Josie sat and watched. 

Henry listened to the directions and got to work immediately:

Within minutes, he had a proper friendship bracelet coming out the bottom of his foam flower.

After the same amount of time and effort and help from both her parents, Georgia did not have a friendship bracelet coming out of her foam flower.

In fact, she had nothing but a hot mess and lots of twisted strands of thread - and it was all because of that parental help!

Josie offered suggestions...

While Gordy cursed and consulted the directions.  What had they done wrong?

I read the directions, too and tried to help but it all sounded like gooblety-gook to me.

I was inspired by all the knotting and weaving to try to french braid Josie's hair instead:

It was similar to friendship-braceletting... right?

Georgia gave up.  Henry finished his bracelet and we vowed to try again the next day using the foam flower that Henry was using (his had three colors which made it easier to keep track of the last weave you had done).  

I do not think we will be giving up our day jobs to become weavers or braiders.  


The Royal Couturier said...

I was like WOW, they must have made lots of friendship bracelets, then I read and realized that it's not easy at all!!
is that toy store pricy?
Nice kitchen by the way :)

Martha said...

It was WAY hard!

And that rental-house kitchen was beautiful!

Laura said...

Josie's hair looks quite blonde! Did she get a lot of sun at Block Island?

Martha said...

She did, Laura! Every summer, Josie's hair gets these two very blond stripes surrounding her face and her whole head gets a more tan-shade of brown. By October, the summer-highlights will be gone and she'll be back to a true brunette.

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