Monday, August 20, 2012

I Interrupt My Usual Posts...

to bring to you an unbearable amount of cuteness:

I spent the weekend with Owen Martin and his parents... and oh my goodness, is he adorable!

Only ten days old, and already so alert!

I spent three whole days breathing in the smell of brand new infant...

holding his snuggly little body and kissing his fuzz-covered head.

Power to the people!

I also got to relive three sleepless, wakeful baby-filled nights, which were a lot more difficult than I remembered them being.

It's a good thing that Owen is so darned cute during the day.

I was so grateful to Elizabeth and Sean for letting me invade their home so that I could get to know my new nephew:

because, let's face it, no one really needs to be entertaining guests when they have a newborn in the house.

Good-night, Owen - 

I hope to see you again, soon!


Angie said...

He's so Handsome!!

Martha said...

Isn't he? He's such a great baby, too. Very calm (except for when he's hungry which seems to be every other minute!) and very alert. I wish they lived around the corner!

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