Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In House Entertainment

(Or perhaps I should call this post "AT Home Entertainment" because I'm including games that we played outside on the lawn, too.....) 


Before leaving for our two glorious weeks on Block Island, I went to the toy store.  It was all part of my concerted effort to have games and activities for the children to do after we had come home from the beach and just before and after dinner - you know, The Witching Hours.

I hid the games and toys in my closet so that the children wouldn't find them and ask to use them before the trip.  You can guess what happened, though, can't you?

Obviously, there is no hiding place clever enough for my children.

While Sam was still with us, the children opted to use the outdoor equipment, such as the wiffle ball and bat:

Gordy was the pitcher and Sam and Henry took turns batting.

I'm not certain if the girls really played, but I'm sure they at least tried the game out.

Once it got too dark for outdoor games, we moved inside where I spread out a fabulous puzzle that Lois and Harvey had given me:

It was extremely fun:

I also brought along Jenga, The Game of Life and coloring supplies:

But the best game, we didn't take out until after Sam had left:  It was called "Beat the Parents," and the children loved it:

It's a trivial pursuit-like game that pits kids against parents:

And let me tell you, the questions are not exactly parent-friendly.  

What is the name of Mylie Cryus' best friend on Hannah Montana?

Search me.  Or search us, rather.

Note to self:  Hold you face in this look of surprise whenever a photo is being taken of you - pulling down your mouth gets rid of all your wrinkles!  It's like a face-lift without the pain!

The game did go a little long for the youngest member of our family.  She knew a lot of the television show answers (I suppose that's not exactly a good thing, however!) but not all the questions were 2nd grade level.

That's not to say that Henry wasn't stumped a few times, too.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and it was something that we could all do together, which is rare.  Bringing along board games and outdoor play equipment was a good idea and I plan to do it again next year.  It was an easy solution to The What Do I Do Blues.

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