Thursday, August 16, 2012

Josie Goes For Gold!

Our two weeks on Block Island coincided with the two weeks of the London Olympics.  We didn't stay in the house watching the Olympics all day or anything, but if we found ourselves at home between activities or during lunch, we turned the television on and watched an event or two.  We saw soccer, volleyball, water polo, table tennis, track and field... but Josie's favorite was the gymnastics.  

She liked the gymnastic events so much that she decided to put on her very own Olympics in the long, straight hall between the living and dining areas of the rental house.

Her main event was the cartwheel:

which she finished off by saluting her adoring crowds on all four sides:

She thanked the judges:

the crowds to the left:

the crowds behind:

the crowds to the right:

And then saluted the judges one last time:

The saluting was just as much fun as the actual sporting event, apparently!

But because Josie really wanted the gold medal, she threw in one last routine for the judge's review:

She got perfect scores from the Mommyland judge and the judge from Georgia but judge Henry gave her an 8.0.  

It's still the gold, in my book!

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