Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Baltimore Museum of Science

I will get back to day two of our trip to Baltimore and our visit to the National Aquarium, but first, let me tell you about our trip to the Baltimore Museum of Science on our first day.  

And let me start this story by informing you that after 12 years of parenting and many trips to many different cities with three children, I am all Science Musuem-ed out.  In fact, I think the phrase, "I would rather NEVER go to another science museum ever again" had once left my mouth.... and then 20 minutes later, when the key to the rental car crumbled apart in Gordy's hands, I found myself in my mother in law's car, on the way to the San Francisco Museum of Science (or SF Discovery Center - whatever it was) with the three children, while Gordy waited for a tow truck.  How is that for bad luck?  

Needless to say (and about 106 more trips to various Science Museums since that moment), going to the Science Museum in Baltimore was not high on my list of activities, but this was Henry's birthday and not mine, and he wanted to check out the museum and so that is exactly what we did.

And I'm glad Henry forced me inside the building!  Henry ended up enjoying the Science Museum the most of all the attractions we went to and even I, Science-Museum-Grinch that I am, had to admit that it was pretty darn neat.

The very first stop we made was to the Bed of Nails.  

Henry said this felt very, very strange.

The next stop we made was to answer a phone call:

The Germs were calling (and don't think that I didn't understand the irony of this when I found myself in a child-filled, touch-centric, discovery center!).

Henry answered:

... and learned about how germs invade his body.

Henry also designed his own car:

and checked out every available display:

I stopped for a moment to commune with some Baltimore blue crabs:

but left to watch Henry ride a square-wheeled(?) bike.

Again, this particular part was one of Henry's highlights.  I would have tried it myself, but being a germ-a-phobe, I couldn't get past that phone call reminding us about germs!

We went to every exhibit and Henry tried out everything that was offered:

And then we ended our visit at the shop, because that is what I do when I am at a museum.  I love a good shop.

The Science Museum in Baltimore was a huge success.  Actually, the entire trip was a huge success.  I do so love Baltimore.

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