Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Block Island Labyrinth

For the week that I was on Block Island without Gordy, I stuck to a pretty strict schedule:  the kids did Block Island Club classes in the morning, we'd eat lunch, do a family activity and then hit the beach.  Usually the family activity was just a short walk or quick trip to a tourist site and it's main purpose was to waste just enough time for the families with babies to leave the beach for nap-time thus freeing up a parking space for us to swoop in and claim.  

My strategy worked every time.

The Block Island Labyrinth was the perfect pre-beach activity.  It's not too long, it's located on a hill with a gorgeous view of the ocean and it's conveniently located almost across the street from our favorite beach.

We walked the Labyrinth right as Elizabeth was giving birth to our new nephew / cousin, Owen, and we thought of her and him and Sean, as we walked the many circles to the center.

Well, at least I did.  I'm not so sure about the children.  They've never given birth before and don't know how hard it actually is!

I don't know who is responsible for maintaining this Labyrinth.  The last time we visited this landmark, there was a good deal of poison ivy (Block Island's favorite plant) amidst it's greenery.

On this day, however, the edges of the path were mostly wildflowers and weeds.

Henry decided to run the Labyrinth and therefore, he missed the wonderful view of the ocean over his left shoulder:

He was able to beat Georgia to the center and that's probably the most important thing.

I walked the Labyrinth slowly and thought about Elizabeth and Sean.  It had been a long two days of texting back and forth and following the many twists and turns of the labor.  

I hoped that all was going well and was pretty relieved when we got the message an hour later that baby Owen was finally here.

I like the idea of a Labyrinth.  Walking the circles is very soothing and quieting.  I wonder if there is one any where near our house?  It might be useful in a few weeks when homework and carpool start up again!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Martha said...

You are so welcome! Come back to my blog again, soon!

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