Sunday, August 5, 2012

The National Aquarium

Henry and I devoted almost the entire second day of our Baltimore trip to the National Aquarium.  We had gone to the Aquarium with the entire family last September when we went to Washington, DC and Henry remembered it very fondly.  We arrived bright and early after breakfast.

When you first enter the Aquarium, you encounter a forest waterfall with a tank filled with trout.

You can tell pretty instantly that this is not your average Aquarium.

We bought tickets for the Aquarium and for a 4-D movie.  We covered floors one and two first before heading over to the movie.

Have I ever mentioned that I am rather obsessive about arriving at movies on time?  And by "on time" I really mean, about 30 minutes early.  I like to get a good seat.  And I like to see all the previews.  And I'm more than a little neurotic.

But at the National Aquarium 4-D movie theater, the employees do not let you inside the auditorium early.  They don't even let you wait in line early.

So Henry and I were forced to entertain ourselves for awhile in the Aquarium gift shop.

The movie was a good one - a shortened version of Disney's Happy Feet - and I made sure that I was sitting away from the seat sensor that pokes you in the back and I held a program over the water feature that squirts water into your face at various intervals.  

Remember when you could just go to a movie theater and watch a movie in 2-D without being poked in the back and sprayed with water in your face?  Those were the good ole days, weren't they?

There was a new exhibit hall at the Aquarium.  Well, new to us, I should say.  It was called Australia and it was pretty fantastic.

Henry and I liked knowing the lay-out of the building and we were able to find all the creatures that we had enjoyed seeing last year.

After eating lunch in the cafeteria, Henry posed for a character portrait.  I thought it was cute but he thought she made his ears stick out too much.  Oh well.

We left the Aquarium after lunch and went to see "Men in Black 3" at a local theater.  (We arrived very early and I was happy to note that while I did have to wear 3-D glasses, there was a pleasant absence of water or poking of any kind!)

Our Mother/Son Baltimore trip was coming to an end.  After the movie, Henry and I got dinner at a fantastic restaurant and returned to the candy shop for dessert.  Two nights of hotel living were enough for me.  I was missing my own bed and the comfort of my own home, but the trip was a fantastic time to bold with Henry and to enjoy each other without the girls tagging along.  

I guess a precedent has been set, however, because the other day Georgia announced at the dinner table, that for her 12-year-old trip, she wants to go to Harry Potter Studios in London.  Gordy and I both choked on our drinks!  Is London really a Baltimore equivalent?  Where will Josie insist on going, the moon?


Angie said...

Oh wow, that place looks amazing!

Martha said...

It was amazing! In fact, the whole weekend was pretty great!

Jay @CraftySpices said...

Hi, I am just stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by Crafty Spices to claim your well-deserved prize and get more details. Have a fantastic day!

Lovey said...

I experienced my first 4-D movie last year and I have to say that after the punches to the back and the water sprays, I'm not interested in seeing another!

Martha said...

Thanks, Jay.

Martha said...

Lovey - I agree! Whoever thought of such torture? I prefer my movies to be sensation-free!

Martha said...

Lovey - I agree! Whoever thought of such torture? I prefer my movies to be sensation-free!

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