Sunday, September 30, 2012

Before Hockey Begins

Josie (finally) starts hockey on Tuesday.  And before she arrives at that rink with her gear in tow, Gordy had a little hockey housekeeping to do.  Josie's going to use one of Henry's old sticks, but Gordy wanted to cut it to the proper Josie-sized length.  First they measured using the old nose trick.

And then Josie tried on her helmet - which was a good thing, since it ended up being way too small.

Gordy was able to let the helmet out and readjusted the sides so that they fit properly and so that the chin strap rests on her chin instead of in her mouth.

And then he got to work on jazzing up Henry's old stick a little.

And yes that involved pink tape.

The stick is still a little too long for Josie, but Gordy cut her last stick too short and he figures that this one will work fine until she grows a little.

But next came the last task -- the one that Josie hates:  the fitting of the mouth guard.
There is just something about molding mouth guards that Josie can not stand.  It's the combination of the boiling water, the feel of the plastic against her teeth and the way that seven-year-old wiggly teeth feel when you are biting down on mushy material.  I had to hold her while she bit down:

And she was still looking rather unhappy 30 seconds later when the process was almost finished:

But then, I asked her to give me her meanest hockey look :

and that cheered her up immensely.  Look out hockey community!  Josie is on the loose!

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