Sunday, September 9, 2012

Covering The Books

Remember book covers?  Until this year, the school books that Henry brought home, arrived wearing pre-made, extra-fancy, plastic covers.  This year?  Well, in seventh grade, you are expected to make your own book covers and some teachers make you bring the book back to school to prove that you have done a good job.

I have a confession to make:  I love all the organizational parts associated with the beginning of the school year. I love putting together a binder and organizing the different sections, I love the gathering of the supplies and I love covering books.  Why do I need to confess these innocent loves of mine?  

Well.  I love these activities so much, that I tend to take them over.  I may or may not have put together all three of my seventh grader's notebooks by myself without his in-put.  Henry was thrilled, but it's not exactly a lesson in independence or self-sufficiency.

I vowed to do better with the book covers.

I demonstrated my covering technique with the first book while Henry watched.

I cut...

I folded...

and I taped.

In other words, I did the entire thing and Henry paid very little attention....

I was still very proud of my work:

Next it was Henry's turn:

He began by cutting the bottom of the bag and eye-balling the size of the book, just like I had taught him.  He then paused to ask about a certain step - at which point I took the book to demonstrate what he needed to do next... and before I could stop myself, I had finished the second book.


I will continue to work on my control-freak problem and hopefully, by the time Georgia hits the seventh grade, I will allow her to cover her own books, in her room, by herself, with the door locked.

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