Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Decorating At The House of Elliot

.... which is certainly more interesting than another post about me driving to soccer practice, right?

I am sitting here waiting for the refrigerator repair man to arrive (for a second two-hour attempt since he didn't make it to my house during the first two-hour window last week) and while scrolling through my photo archives, looking for blog inspiration, I discovered Before and After photos of our final first floor remodels.

I can't bear to write a post about how school has begun and how our antagonistic homework routine has started and how car-pooling is going and how we spend our weekends frantically driving between soccer and hockey games.  I'm bored just thinking about those topics.  I'm trying to build readership on this blog, not drive you away.

So I won't even mention my usual mom activities (any further, I mean, obviously).  Instead, I present to you:

The Bar Before:

Sorry about the angle.  I must have taken these photos in a hurry before the painters arrived.  Hopefully, you aren't getting too dizzy just from looking at the photo, but even with the wonky view, you can see the dark, cherry wood cabinets, the plain drywall backsplash and the builder color.

The bar is housed in a small passage-way between our living room and my office.  This is the view from the doorway into the living room, looking through the bar into my office:

And now the bar after Julianne the decorator was finished:

The cabinets are painted a lovely bone color and we have a mother-of-pearl backsplash:

There is also wallpaper and framed New Yorker cartoons on the wall:

Here's a close-up of the wallpaper:

And the full-effect:

Moving right along....  I present to you the Before shots of the Butler's Pantry (which is a fancy phrase for the staging area between the kitchen and the dining room).  The bar and the butler's pantry were two important reasons why Gordy and I loved this house.  It's a new house, but it's full of old house details.  And we love a good, old house.

The cabinets in this room were the same white color as the cabinets in the kitchen.  The walls were another shade of builder tan with a white ceiling.

There was no back-splash and very little pizazz.  

I prefer pizazz.

Here's the Butler's Pantry all jazzied-up:

Julianne had the inside of the cabinets painted a dark chocolate brown and she put up a green, glass-tile backsplash:

But the best part of the remodel was the ceiling wallpaper.  Below is a close-up.  

The last "room" Julianne worked on was the first floor powder room.

The Before:

And the after:

Julianne used the same wallpaper I had installed in the entry way of our old house and she painted the beadboard a vibrant green:

She also had the painter change the color of the ceiling from white to a paler green:

and she changed the tiny mirror to something a tad more grand:

Our first floor is mostly finished at this point.  I say mostly, because we lack any sort of art for our walls and we still need a few random furniture pieces and knick-knacks.  Upstairs is a completely different story - much, MUCH work is needed up there but we are on a long-term schedule for that part of our house.  The kind of long-term schedule that is kinder on the pocketbook.

I'll keep you posted.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

O.K. Now I'm jealous. Can you send Julianne to NC???

Martha said...

She's pretty amazing, isn't she? You never know - my sister lives in North Carolina ... maybe Julianne could be bribed to make a trip down to you both!

Wende LoveandMemories said...

I know this is an older blog post but found a picture of your mother-of-pearl back splash on Google Images and had to stop in and say hi. I have no bar, butler's pantry, or powder room but love the afters of all three. The mother-of-pearl and bead board elements are my favorite :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Martha said...

thank you so much, Wende! What a kind comment. I am in love with the mother of pearl tiles, too. I get so much inspiration from blogs and photos, I'm glad to hear that someone else is getting the same from mine.

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