Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Gymnast

About six months ago, Josie realized that she could do a pretty impressive cartwheel.  Within days, she was cartwheeling everywhere and at any time.  There were practice cartwheels, celebratory cartwheels, traveling cartwheels that took us from one end of a soccer field to another.... if there was was enough room for a cartwheel, Josie was cartwheeling.

And then one day, she decided that it would be even more fun to do a back bend.  

So she did.

Which led to a back hand spring.

Now if I'm ever looking for Josie, I know that I will find her in the basement  and probably upside down.

I do not know how Josie learned this or from whom all this flexibility comes from.  

It is certainly not me.  Josie mostly does her back hand springs on the padded comfort of our basement rug, but occasionally she will do it outside, in front of a crowd.

Most people are surprised to see her do it and most assume that Josie takes gymnastics.

Josie does not take gymnastics.

And it's not that I'm a cruel parent, it's that Josie took a tumbling class when she was five and the gym owners asked her to be on the team.  When I investigated what "being on the team" meant to a five-year-old, I learned that she would be going about three times a week to practice and would be required to attend meets on weekends.  Four + times a week?  For a five year old?  Not going to happen.

That's the year, I signed Josie up for tennis instead.  

Maybe we will go back to the gymnastics if Josie keeps showing signs of interest.  Right now, she seems content just tumbling on her own in the basement.  

But I did notice there was something new in her repertoire when I was photographing her for this post:

.... the handstand!  If she asks for a balance beam, I guess I'll have my answer!


The Royal Couturier said...

WOW, I do the back bend, but I start from the floor, if you get the picture.

What I'd say is never let her stop, i used to take gymnastics when i was 4-5, then stopped, and I wish i never did.

so maybe she can take classes without being in the team??

what about ballet, i guess she can do very well with her felixability. :)

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Sounds like my oldest. She took gymnastics at a small place when she was younger, but got bored. Lat summer, at 9, she started climbing and twirling all over the house. So, last fall I signed her up a t a bigger place with actual gymnastics equipment - beam, bars, vault, etc. She loves. She has moved up pretty quickly and we are daringly close to moving up another level which means 2 hour practices! I have no idea where she gets her flexibility either.

BTW - That's a pretty goo looking handstand Josie!!!

Laura said...

Um WHOA. Josis is so flexible and strong! I guess she's just a natural athlete!

Martha said...

I can do the same sort of backbend, Kem! Well, at least I think I can. I'm too afraid to try!

Martha said...

She is a natural athlete, Laura, which is ironic since she's my one child who doesn't really enjoy exercise!

Martha said...

Lisa - I dread those two hour practices, but I DO need to get Josie signed up for some gymnastics. Right now she's doing tennis and she's starting hockey this year. Maybe in the spring there will be time? I hope.

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