Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old McElliot Had A Farm


We Elliots are not exactly known for our gardening skills.  My parents are huge gardeners but they might be the only two people in our family with green thumbs.  The only example that I have of successful horticulture is a ficus tree (named Laura) that I managed to keep alive for two years while we lived in Chicago, but I'm pretty sure that was a coincidence.  The apartment where the tree lived was really, really sunny.  

As far as planting, cultivating and harvesting go, I've never even tried, but my girls are fascinated with gardening and we had some empty spaces in the flower beds.... so when a friend came over to our house one afternoon with a packet of marigold seeds, I let the girls plant them in the mulch and water them for a few weeks.

It was a success:

Georgia and Josie enjoyed the watching the marigold seeds grow so much, that they continued the gardening.  

They trans-planted a weed to a place of honor by our front door:

And a sprouted onion by the driveway:

Okay.  I know what you're thinking.... a sprouted onion, what?  What was that middle part, Martha?

Yes.  I am such a bad housekeeper that I purchased some onions to use in a Christmas recipe, put said onions in our basement fridge, forgot about them only to discover a sprouted science experiment growing in the crisper drawer some time in August.  

I would have been terrifically embarrassed if it wasn't so very cool.

The girls planted the onion in the yard and we've been watering it.  No one has had enough time or energy to do research on the internet (or ask my parents) so we don't actually know if planting the onion in the ground was the right thing to do.  We have no idea if the sprouted onion with thrive or result in more onions, but it's exciting the to watch the progress, nonetheless.

Josie and I went outside yesterday after dropping Henry and Georgia off at their respective carpools, to water the onion:

Look at that thumb.... might that be some green, I see?


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