Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Owen's First Month

It's hard to believe but an entire month has passed since my nephew, Owen, arrived on the scene.  Apparently, he has spent the majority of those 30 days eating and gaining weight. 

He's a real solid little fellow!

I haven't had the luck of seeing Owen in person in a few weeks, but Elizabeth has kept me up-to-date by texting me many photos.  

Like the above picture of Owen with wings and the below photo of Owen post feed:

I make that same contented face after I've devoured a large wedge of chocolate cake.

Most of the photos Elizabeth sends me are post-nursing and Owen is asleep and angelic-looking, but a week ago, I received my favorite Owen picture of all time:

Elizabeth entitled the above photo "The Face of Fussiness."  Ha!  Look at that expression!  Now that's a boy who does not suffer fools gladly.

He looks like he's thinking, "what do you think YOU'RE looking at, Mister?"

If only Owen and his parents lived closer to me.

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