Thursday, September 27, 2012

Remember this?

It was my one and only attempt at "canning" something!  My rhubarb liquor has been sitting patiently in my refrigerator ever since I made it last spring.  I've been waiting for the right occasion - preferably when guests were over and I could share - but that occasion never arrived.  We didn't really do much entertaining this past summer.

And we aren't really planning on doing much entertaining in the near future.

....and yet that little jar of pink yumminess calls to me every time I open my refrigerator.  And it's been driving me crazy.  I have always been a sucker for the tiny voices of food and drink - why do you think that there's never any Mallomars in my house?

Last Friday, I decided that I had better pop open that seal and enjoy some rhubarb goodness on my own.  

Nigella Lawson (or Cooking Lite, which is actually where the recipe came from) never mentioned how you are supposed to serve the liquor and I'm not really a shot kind of girl.  I decided to make my cocktail by mixing the rhubarb liquor with some club soda and ice.

I'm obviously, not a big drinker either.  Look how diluted this drink became!  There's only the very hint of pink left in the glass.  Good thing for me, that hint of pink packed a great rhubarb flavor.  The drink was delicious and I enjoyed it immensely.

By myself, sadly.

We really need to entertain more!

(Have no idea what rhubarb liquor I'm referring to?  Click here for the link!


Tara said...

Um, HELLO!?!?! I would have happily imbibed with you! Oh, right. That would involve a plane ride. Bollocks. Save some ok? I'll get out there soon!

Martha said...

Oh, Tara, it would have been so fun. Actually, every friday night would be more fun if you lived near by!

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