Thursday, September 20, 2012

What We're Doing Now

Soccer.  Well, at least one of us is playing soccer... the rest of us are carpooling to soccer, watching soccer or being bored while waiting for their sister to finish playing soccer.  Georgia is playing on two teams again this year - her town team and her club team.  It's a lot of soccer, but Georgia loves it.

I took these photos at a Labor Day Tournament.  Below is Ally - Georgia's partner in crime:

Ally and Georgia play on both soccer teams together, are great friends and carpool buddies.  If you have had any conversation with Georgia over the last year, it has probably included the name Ally at some point.

Hockey has also begun.  Henry is ALSO playing on two teams.  I don't have any photos of Henry's hockey this year (yet).  I've only been to one game and absolutely none of the practices.  That's what happens when your kids start growing up and playing sports (or doing any out-of-the-house activity).... you no longer get to be at everything.  Gordy and I do a lot of dividing-and-conquering and we rely heavily on carpooling.  The secret is to find one or two other families whom you trust, who you know are sticklers for on-time arrivals and with whom your child is comfortable and then life gets much, much easier.

So far, we've only been dealing with the activities of two children.  Josie's hockey season hasn't begun yet and her tennis lessons start next week.  Throwing a third child and a third schedule into the mix is going to change things up a bit for me.  I'm settling into the two kids/ four team routine well.  Three children/six teams?  Eck!  It's like I'm juggling and then suddenly someone throws a burning ball into the mix.  I'll get the hang of it, but it will take awhile and I'll probably burn my hands a few times.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make the routine / scheduling any easier?

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