Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Pox On The House of Elliot

A pox has invaded our house -- well, it's invaded me and since I'm responsible for most of the goings-on of this house, my illness affects everyone.

This is a mean little virus.  I wouldn't call it a cold, per se, but there is congestion and it feels like I am walking around with a 100 pound weight attached to my chest.  I'm cold and achy and tired and the general feeling is of Ick.

Gordy took Henry to his hockey game last night and the girls and I hunkered down in front of the tv.

When mothers are sick, there is no such thing as too much tv.

I wasn't about to cook either, so I ordered delivery pizza for dinner and made a quick salad.

We were completely absorbed by a Food Network show called Halloween Wars, so we ate dinner in the family room on a picnic blanket.

It would have been a really fun evening had I not been shivering and coughing up a lung.

I was absolutely freezing and dressed from head to toe as if I were outside on the tundra.  Need proof that I'm crazy?

Josie took my photo:

Today I am feeling a little better - and by "a little better" I mean that I have taken off the wool hat and scarf, but I would fight you to the death if you threatened to remove my fleece pajama pants or my wool sweater.  Gordy and Henry left for Albany (yes, as in New York State) this morning where Henry will play in two different hockey games and with the exception of dropping Josie off at a birthday party and bringing Georgia to an hour-long soccer game in the afternoon, I'm not planning on moving too far from my couch and it's warm blanket.  

I am also flooding my body with Gypsy Cold Care tea and Emergen-C.  

And if I can manage to get to the grocery store, there will be chicken pot pie for dinner.  In any case, if you see me out and about, it would behoove you to keep a wide berth of my wool-covered person.  I wouldn't want to pass the pox along to you!

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