Thursday, October 4, 2012

And So I Finally Make It To A Hockey Game

This isn't the photo you expected to see after reading that title, is it?  

And it's certainly not the normal aspect from a hockey rink in this part of the world, let me tell you.  And yet this beautiful beach and bright blue water greet us whenever we venture to the home rink of Henry's club hockey team in East Boston.  Gorgeous, right?

The rink is literally steps to the right of the above picture and across the water from Logan Airport.  The beach is the perfect place to wait while hockey players get their gear on and for the game to begin.

I sometimes wonder if the hockey Powers That Be put the rink here on the beach just to lure me to games....

It's a really peaceful place and I never tire of it's beachy goodness.  

Sadly, Henry (who could use serene moments just as much as any of us) never really gets to appreciate the view. 

He spends his time in the smelly locker room and then on the ice:

I'm not even sure if Henry knows there IS a beach outside this rink.  Our priorities are in different places, obviously, and if you are Gordy, you think that Henry's priorities are in the right place and  mine are in the wrong.

This is the first year that Henry has played Club hockey and also the first year that he's played hockey for more than one team at once.  Playing on two hockey teams mean practices or playing games 6 days a week and sometimes having more than one practice or multiple games on a given day.

So far, Henry likes it, although he would perhaps like a little more down time.  

The whole family went to watch him play a game last weekend.

Well, two of us watched.  The other two watched Four Weddings on my ipad.

The game was very exciting.

Henry played well (in his mother's opinion) and scored a pretty fantastic goal.  He's white number 9 in all these photos.

I'm always glad when I get to watch some of Henry's hockey.  Usually, I am off with Georgia or Josie and have to miss Henry's events. 

I think next weekend, Gordy and I might switch - although the fact that Gordy coaches Henry's town hockey team makes a total switch impossible! 

I'm not sure I would make a very effective hockey coach.  I'm probably a better hockey fan.

I imagine that any team I coached would do more talking and eating than exercising or playing.  I would probably institute Team Donut Day or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Thursdays.  

I don't know any drills, so I wouldn't make the skaters do any and I know absolutely no hockey terminology, so any instructions I did manage to give would be full of such sage advice as "hit that ball with your sticky-thing and try to get it into that net thing-a-ma-jig at the end."

Oh wait - there's Gordy calling on the phone.  He's probably in a panic and ringing to tell me that having read the above paragraph, the plan to switch roles for the weekend is absolutely off.  

Oh well.  It's the team's loss, I suppose.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Our girls would have fun together - mine love to watch Four Wedding, too!! :-)

Martha said...

I bet they would - at the very least, they could compare notes on picky eating and limited clothing options!

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