Tuesday, October 30, 2012


On Sunday night, the Superintendent of Schools pre-emptively cancelled all classes for Monday and Gordy's office sent around emails suggesting that people work from home instead of trekking into the city.  It was novel to be able to have a long weekend and to be able to sleep in on a Monday, but we were all anxious about what destruction Frankenstorm might bring.  We braced for a long day, which we hoped would not include emergency services or dealing with large branches sticking out of our roof or water in our basement.

Gordy set up shop in the kitchen.

I assigned the children different Home School activities.  Josie practiced her math facts: 

Georgia practiced her flute:

Henry finished typing his English assignment and worked on a science poster:

But that didn't take up the entire day.  We also cleaned the basement:

Played a game of floor hockey (after Gordy's office closed officially at 1:00pm)

and watched a movie.

We got numerous texts from Elizabeth in Pennsylvania - they got hit strongly by the storm and lost their electricity, but here in Massachusetts, we didn't get more than a lot of rain and heavy winds.  I'm relieved to report that none of our trees succumbed to the wind and our electricity stayed on.  For those things, we were/are very thankful.

Around 4pm, we went outside to assess the situation:

The winds were howling and the tree branches were swaying.  We were happy that we had taken the time to put all the porch furniture into the garage the night before.

Since the "storm" didn't really arrive in Massachusetts until well after 3:00pm, the day off from school seemed more than a little ridiculous.  The kids could have totally gone to school, done a half-day and we'd still have an extra day of summer vacation to look forward to.  

Especially since it was pretty clear in the morning that the storm had moved west and wasn't going to impact our town as much as everyone had feared.

The real crazy news is that they cancelled school for today as well.  Gordy went out jogging this morning and reported that he only saw one downed tree.  He said it looked like everyone had power.  The school cancellation came in the form of a recorded phone call and the Superintendent didn't explain himself other than to say that some electrical work that was supposed to be finished during the night had not been completed after all.  

If it meant that we could not use a snow day and get out of school earlier at the end of the year, I'd be happy to hold classes at my house!  Using up two snow days after only the two months of school is not a good sign.  I think the Superintendent is making a tremendous mistake, but what can I do.  

Today, we will do more of the same.  We will practice those math facts and flute again.  Henry got an email from his geography teacher letting him know what to study for tomorrow's quiz.  We have to get to the grocery store and iparty (for Halloween wigs).  Henry and Josie will have hockey.

We will be thankful that we are not pumping out our basement, waiting for the electricity to turn on or dealing with contractors who can fix a broken roof.  We've been there before and it is an awful, awful situation.

Life will continue on, as usual - and we know how very fortunate that is.  We've seen photos of devastated New Jersey and New York and we are waiting to hear if Elizabeth, Sean and Owen got through the night with no services.  

Good bye, Frankenstorm.  You will not be missed!


Anonymous said...

We only used 1 snow day yesterday and the kids went to school today - thank goodness. After taking off the Jewish Holidays and a Professional Development Day already for the teachers, there hasn't been more than 2-3 weeks of a 5-day school week for my kids. We will be going to school until July at this rate.....Glad to hear you all were well during the storm.

Martha said...

Same with us! And they get election day and veterens day off and then there's thanksgiving, so we're not looking at a five day week until the end of November. These kids are going to forget what it's like to actually go to school!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Glad to hear you all made it through the storm safely with no damage!!

Martha said...

Thanks, Lisa. We're so glad, too. Although we are feeling terrible about all the people in my childhood state, New Jersey.

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