Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stitch Fix - My New Favorite Way To Shop

Has everyone heard about Stitch Fix?  Am I the last person to discover this amazing service?  

Stitch Fix is an internet site that acts like a personal shopper, and sends you care packages in the mail with various clothes and accessories for you to try.  

I read about the service on another blog and since I'm not a huge fan of shopping, I thought I would give Stitch Fix a try.  I've always thought that I would benefit greatly from a personal shopper / stylist.  I'm not very good at picking out clothes for myself and the items in my closet which I love the most, were ones my sister Elizabeth forced me to bring into the dressing room even though I would not have given them a second glance on the rack.  Elizabeth, sadly, lives with her family in Philadelphia so shopping with her is not a very regular activity.  Could  Stitch Fix take Elizabeth's place?  Could someone who has never met me pick out clothing that I will like?  I threw caution to the wind, filled out their detailed style survey and waited for my care-package to arrive.

I found my first "Fix" by my mailbox yesterday.

I opened the necklace first, but wasn't particularly in love with it's industrial look.  I like my jewelry to be a tad more delicate and feminine.  

I knew that I wouldn't keep it, but I also wasn't disappointed.  Jewelry is a very personal thing and I didn't expect them to get my taste in necklaces on the first try.  I brought the clothes upstairs to try on in front of the mirror.

I tried a waffle-weave, gold-buttoned, henley-shirt/sweater first.

On the plus side:  the sweater was really soft and it fit perfectly.  On the negative side:  I'm not a fan of the waffle-weave.  In fact, ick.  

Next I tried on a black shirtdress.  I added a belt but ended up taking it off at the end, because the elastic waist of the dress was higher than my natural waist and the belt kept falling down.

Again, this dress fit fantastically and I liked the style.  It had no collar and would look great with a necklace.  (probably the one they enclosed... but we all know how I felt about that one)

I also tried it on with tights, since this is New England and in about a month, it will be too cold to have bare legs.  (really, who am I fooling.... next WEEK it will be too cold to have bare legs)

My next item was a black, sleeveless blouse.  I loved the way it looked in the front:

But hated the way the hem dipped down in the back and ended in points like a tuxedo jacket with tails. I do not want to look like Our William during dinner service at Downton Abbey.

The last item, I tried on was a royal blue, knit wrap-dress with cap sleeves.  

This dress also fit well but it had the wonkiest hem-line I've ever seen:

It dipped up in one area and down on another.  I tried re-tying the dress and smoothing out the wrap which helped a little but I still wondered if it had been made correctly.

I did really like the top:

But look at this:

Weird, huh?

My favorite thing about the Stitch Fix experience was this:

Plastic sleeves with descriptions of each product and photos of two different ways to wear the item: 

You have three days to decide what to keep from your Stitch Fix box and what you want to return.  I'm returning the necklace, the blue henley sweater and the blouse.  I was torn about the blue dress -  until I went downstairs to look at the receipt and saw that it cost $44!  Forty-Four Dollars!!!  Even if I had the hem fixed at the tailor's, the dress would still be really cheap.  I most definitely decided to keep it.

Stitch Fix includes a pre-paid envelope in your package for returns and you fill out a questionnaire on-line explaining what you're returning and why, and what you liked and disliked about each item.  I made sure to answer every question because I figured my feedback would help the stylist understand my style preferences.  Stitch Fix can be an every month type of deal or a once in a while thing, all you do is schedule your next package whenever you want it.  

Here's the link, if your interested:

I highly recommend them!

Update:  I wrote a second post about Stitch Fix - check that out, here:

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