Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Homework Solution

We're a little over the one-month mark for school and are, therefore, right in the thick of homework, tests/quizzes and school projects.  Each child's homework responsibilities have been stepped up this year and not one of them likes it.

But I've been doing my own homework / studying and here's what I've learned:  The Elliot Children do not mind doing their homework, if I am in the room with them.  Apparently, they prefer witnesses to their suffering.

So if Georgia is at the table learning spelling, I am here:

Reading mail and ready to answer questions.  (yes, I am rocking navy blue nails.  I may be 41 years old, but that doesn't mean that I'm not hip) 

When Josie is stumbling over time telling and clock reading...

I am here:

Still at the table, ready to help.

When Henry is on his second hour of homework, his tenth after-school snack and has complained for the 200th time that he hates doing homework,

then I have probably finished perusing the mail and can now be found at the sink, washing water bottles for sports practices and lunch boxes:

There might be other things I rather be doing, but my continual presence in the kitchen seems to work and I'm not messing with a good thing.  It's the price to pay for a little homework sanity.


Elizabeth said...

I like the navy blue nail polish! Spiffy!

Martha said...

Thank you! I liked it, too. I may be really crazy and try light blue, next.

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