Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Last Boat Task Of The Year

It's time for the boat to be removed from the lake and returned to our garage.  We hired our usual college-grad to do the work, but we had to prepare the space so there was room when the boat arrived.  We get rather lazy in the summer with our garage.... hockey nets do not get returned to their proper place after a driveway hockey game, bikes do not always get put back on their hooks....  you get the picture.

There wasn't a whole lot to do, but I made the kids help.  They've been looking for a way to earn some money, and I was looking for a way to not do the clean-up myself.  This is called a win-win solution.

They started by just hanging up the bikes and putting away the toys.  This step took about five minutes.

Then we moved back into the house, all the toys, dolls, books etc that had found their way into the garage after we've cleaned out the car.  This step took about two minutes.

Next it was time to sweep:

Sadly, there was only one broom and guess who got to it first?


Josie was not pleased.

I had Josie help me set up the saw horses that the boat rests on instead:

Taking the boat out of the lake used to be an enormous task.  We don't have a trailer for our boat, so the first step was to either borrow one from a friend or "borrow" one from the club parking lot.  We don't know very many people with boat trailers, so we mostly opted for scenario number two.  "Borrowing" from the club parking lot came with its own set of stresses since you never knew when the owner of said trailer would show up and it might be while you were en route home.  Neither Gordy nor I like functioning under this kind of stress.  Nor would we want to be accused of stealing.

Dismantling the mast and de-rigging the boat was another task that Gordy and I weren't exactly good at.  Neither one of us sails and we have no idea where things go or what is supposed to be removed or unhooked.  It's a miracle that all the parts remained after the last time we did it ourselves.  

No.  It's much better to hire someone to do the task for us and luckily enough there is usually a college student or grad willing to get your boat out of the water .... for a fee.  

When the boat finally arrived, we were ready for it.  It now takes up the entire section of the garage where I plan to put my Mini Cooper (once I save up enough money to purchase one).  Don't ask what the name Tanagra is.  We have no idea.  It was left over from the previous owners.  We need to paint our boat this season and we'll change the name then.  Any good suggestions?

One more fall chore crossed off the list!


The Royal Couturier said...

Do you live by a lake?? that's so cool!
I guess it will start freezing now?
seems like the process this wasn't as hard as the past years!

Anyway I googled Tanagra and it's according to Wikipedia a town in Athens.

But in Morocco Tangara, or Tanjara means a pot!

Did I tell you that you appear in the dashboard normally now?

Martha said...

We do! It's not a large lake, by any means, but it's big and the kids learn to sail which is nice.

Thanks for looking Tanagra up! I wonder why the previous owners named our boat after a town in Greece... or a pot?

And yeah for the dashboard! The computer genius who helped me with my revamp fixed whatever glitch that was.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the name "Princess Lily" for the boat

Anonymous said...

The boat looks so much more glamorous in the lake. Perhaps that's just me admitting the cold weather is coming.
How about a boat naming contest? I know you have some fans of competition over there?

Martha said...

Ah! The Princess Lily after our very first, most wonderful niece! Great idea, Lily (I mean anonymous)

Or maybe it should be The Lily-Avery after our two favorite nieces!

Martha said...

T - you are so, so right. It looks so sad, dirty and tiny in our garage. We do need to have a boat naming contest! you are right.

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