Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We spent Thanksgiving in Manhattan with Gordy's family, and we only just got back home.  I apologize for the less-than-stellar amount of blog posts that I wrote while we were gone.  After I've unpacked and started to deal with the mountain of laundry that such a trip creates, I'll write about our trip and about Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, here's a peek at what we did on the drive home.

See that wonderful breakfast cake sitting in my hand?  That, my dear readers, is the beloved and much-missed crumb bun of my childhood!  

We took a little detour on our way out of Manhattan, and drove through the Holland Tunnel to my home town of Summit, New Jersey where we stopped at Natale's Bakery to pick up one dozen of these crumby beauties to enjoy on the car ride back to Massachusetts.

Behold!  A box of crumb buns!  I know, you are all very, very jealous.

Walking into Natales made me positively giddy.  So giddy, that the children were able to talk me into allowing them to get donuts, too.

Oh, how I miss a real New Jersey bakery.  I just haven't found it's equivalent in my current home state.

We also stopped at my childhood home and took photos outside:

When I lived in the house, it was stained a deep red color (which I prefer to the khaki color the house is painted now), but I was glad to see that the house was well cared-for and still loved.  In case you are wondering, the window on the right with the full flower box, was my bedroom.

We also stopped by my grandparents house and took some photos.  That house also looked well-loved and cared-for.  Judging by the large amounts of lawn animals and the faux-rock siding, one might say that it was a little TOO cared-for, but I guess everyone has their own taste!

I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  I loved showing the children the different schools I attended and the beautiful downtown where I shopped.  Henry remembers when Granny and Grandfather lived in New Jersey but Georgia does not.  Josie was only three months old when my parents moved to Maine, so she never even visited New Jersey.  

And now the laundry beckons.... stay tuned for the New York Chronicles.

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