Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The Elliots went with a food theme for Halloween this year.

Josie was a dish of Macaroni and cheese and Georgia was a cupcake.  If only we could have convinced Henry to wear his banana costume from last year, we might have had a complete meal (well, complete in Georgia's eyes, that is.  The rest of us enjoy a vegetable or two).

Gordy carved the family pumpkin the night before Halloween, right before he and Henry left for hockey practice:

There was much debate about what to carve, but the children settled on a ghoul stencil that was included in the carving tool kit.

The mastery level was one pumpkin (easy).

...but that was a complete lie.  That darn thing was HARD to carve.  Gordy did most of the work before he had to leave, and I took over, but mercy!  it was not easy.  Not easy at all. 


the final product:

After two "hurricane days" without school, the children were back at their desks on Halloween.  I went into Josie's classroom at the end of the day for the presentation of the Storybook Hats and their clues.  

Josie's Thunder Cake completely stumped her classmates.

Well done, Josie!

After school (and before darkness fell), I asked the kids to get into their costumes so that I could take some outside photos:

And then we went back inside, to iron the costumes, paint fingernails and do hair:

Because how can you be a bowl of macaroni and cheese without yellow fingernails or glittery hair?

We actually decorated our home for Halloween this year.  In years past, we've driven across town and trick-or-treated in a friend's neighborhood, so we haven't been home to greet trick-or-treaters of our own.  This year, Gordy was planning to take the girls out in our neighborhood, Henry was going out with friends and I was planning on being home and passing out the treats.

As I was taking photos of our walkway, Josie noticed that some creature had already sampled some of our Halloween treats:

It's a good thing, too, because as I write this, it's 8:00pm and we've only had one group of trick-or-treaters ring our bell.  

Sometimes it's sad to live at the top of a really steep hill.

Back inside, Georgia was making dinner (and looking remarkably like Mike Myer's Deiter, in her warm Under Armour and slicked back hair):

At last it was time for Halloween to begin:

The girls were dressed and ready to go in about two minutes.

So was Henry:

Henry hadn't planned on going out this year.  He's twelve now, after all, and above such things.  But then Henry realized that not trick-or-treating meant NOT getting any candy this year and so he and a bunch of friends decided that NEXT year would be the end of their trick-or-treating instead.

The things we do for candy, right?

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