Thursday, November 8, 2012

Living Atop Turkey Hill

The street that we live on runs along a stretch of hilltop known affectionately as "Turkey Hill" and that is because it is home to assorted wild turkeys who roam around pecking at the grass and blocking motorists from their desired destination.  When we moved into the house a few years ago, the flock of turkeys numbered around seven and then in the years since, their numbers dwindled to three and then to only two.  Perhaps the others were hiding?  Who knows, but all of a sudden eleven turkeys have appeared to strut their plummage and stare down passing motorists.

I had the girls outside last weekend, taking photos of them wearing Norwegian sweaters that my grandmother had knit for my sisters, Meredith and Elizabeth, back in the 1970s and wouldn't you know it, the gang of turkeys was in the yard of our neighbor across the street.

They didn't seem to enjoy the noise caused by our photo session and soon they were crossing the road, single-file.... right into our yard.  

Wild turkeys are not particularly bright, apparently.

The girls ran to follow the turkeys' migration, while I chased after the girls trying to get them to pose for a few more pictures:

My photo session was not at all successful.  If you look closely, you will see that not one of the above photos is particularly in-focus.  This is extremely vexing, since I was using a brand-new camera purchased solely so that my photos would be BETTER quality than those taken with my old camera.

I've decided to take the new camera back to the store.  Thinking of what to get me for Christmas this year?  I'd love some camera advice.  Just write it down and wrap it up.  I'm at my wits' end.

Georgia went back inside after a few minutes (to read), but Josie stayed outside and watched the turkeys strut around our neighbor's back yard.

We rarely get the birds so close to our yard, so it was fun to be able to observe them up-close and personal.

Ah, nature.... or at least its suburban cousin.


Julie said...

What was your old camera? I have two that I love, one is a point and shoot and the other is a DSLR.

Also, wild turkeys?!

Martha said...

Hello Julie! My old camera (which is again my current camera since I took the new one back) is a Canon Rebel EOS, xSi. It's probably about seven years old. I wanted an upgrade with greater clarity and quicker turn-around between photos. I'll probably wait until the expense of Christmas passes and then look at new camera again!

And as for those wild turkeys... I know, right? They are the strangest, stubbornist wild birds around, but they are very New England and we love them.

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Come by again!


Julie said...

Mine is a Canon Rebel EOS T2i. Its probably 2 and a half years old. I still love it, but I'm sure there is an upgrade in its class again now.

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