Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving: A Fashion Preview

This summer, before she left to go home for the winter, Grandma came to Boston to buy the girls some outfits for Thanksgiving.  We arrived on Charles Street bright, early and eager to shop.  The first two stores we went into, were abandoned quickly with little or no success.  Josie found  few acceptable things - although the adults in the party disagreed with her choices - and Georgia poo-pooed almost everything put in front of her.  Grandma and I got a little discouraged.  We decided to take a break and went out to lunch before heading over to the Back Bay for round two.  We weren't sure what we would find in the Back Bay and I could tell that Grandma was getting discouraged and the children were getting tired.  I remembered fondly the time when the children were 3 and 1, and shopping for dressy clothes was incredibly easy.  I would walk into a store, see something that I liked and buy it in two different sizes.  Voila!

Nine and seven year olds "Have Opinions" and "Having Opinions" mean that when shopping, parents and grandparents do not always get to chose what THEY would like.  It's a harsh, new reality.

As a last resort, we wandered up Newbury Street and stumbled upon the adorable Lester Harry's.  And thank the stars, we did.  Lester Harry's is full of the kind of beautiful, un-fussy clothes that Georgia likes, while fulfilling the fashion-forward needs of our clothes-horse Josie.  It was as if the store was made for our family.

We left Lester Harry's with two complete outfits for both girls.  We felt happy and proud of our accomplishments.

But that was two months ago, and since that summer day, Georgia has grown about two inches.  I started to worry that the beautiful, never-before-worn outfits selected by the girls and paid for by Grandma, would no longer fit.  

An emergency fashion show was scheduled to try everything on and...

lo! and behold!  Everything was still perfect. 

Georgia, modeling her Thanksgiving dress and sweater:

Josie, modeling her Thanksgiving dress:

Please pause for a moment and enjoy the adorable cuteness of Josie's knee-socks:

Enough.  Move on.  

And if that wasn't enough, here is Josie's brunch outfit:

And Georgia's:

We added gray tights to Georgia's outfit, since she is not partial to showing any skin:

I am so relieved that everything still fit!  

But this is only a preview.  You'll have to wait until next week to get a view of these clothes in action.  

I know, you can barely contain yourself!  


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Love Georgia's dress - My Rachel might actually wear that if we paired it with a teal or green sweater. Don't think we have that store around here but maybe I'll look online. Hmm...

Laura said...

I love their outfits! You've got two very stylish daughters!

Martha said...

Hello Lisa - sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this message. I kept meaning to look at the dress brand, in case you wanted to look for it in NC.

It's La Fee Maraboutee

Martha said...

Thanks, Laura. they DO look nice when they are all cleaned up!

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