Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in New York

We went to New York City for Thanksgiving this year.  Our trip was a gift from Gordy's parents.  Gordy and his family, and his sister and her family, plus the grandies all gathered in the city to celebrate David & Janice's 50th wedding anniversary.  As part of the celebration, we ate our turkey in a special "chef's room" in the middle of a restaurant's kitchen.  

Gordy's mother thought it would be fun for the kids to come up with some questions to ask their grandparents about their 50 years together and so that is how we passed our time during dinner.  When I say, "the kids," I am referring to Zach (age 14), Henry (12), Georgia (10), Ned (9), and Josie (7).  

The children enjoyed asking the questions and the adults enjoyed answering them.

We all enjoyed the food.

You will notice that I am the only adult pictured.... and that is because after finding herself featured on a blog post this summer, Gordy's mom asked to have all future photos of her approved before they are published on this blog!  She's not here as I type this, so I elected to keep the Thanksgiving post, adult-free.

(Don't tell her that you can see her in the corner of that second photo of Josie!)

I didn't get a great photo of all the cousins together in their Thanksgiving finery, but here is one of the five, outside of the Natural History Museum:

We had glorious weather in Manhattan and a great time celebrating the grandparents.

More to come tomorrow.

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