Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Veteran's Day Tournament (That is not on Veteran's day)

Nor is it held during Veteran's Day weekend.  Why?

Good question.

We have no idea.

It's the last event of the Town soccer season and it is always FREEZING COLD.  

This we do know.

Georgia's team played and won four games.  

Each morning this weekend, Georgia's team played games at 7:30.  On the second morning (today), it was so cold that the grass was covered in a thick frost and the girls' cleats made loud, hollow sounds with every step.

We thought we arrived prepared for the cold, but we quickly learned that no amount of down or wool was going to be enough.  I have never been this cold (this year).

But that was today and these photos are from yesterday's afternoon game.  The air was chilly but the sun was out.

Josie was wearing about five layers and even Mr. California put on a hat:

Outdoor soccer is now officially over until early spring.  Georgia will start club Futsol in a week.

We all like futsol.  After a two-day freeze-fest at the end of outdoor soccer, one looks forward to being inside a warm, cozy gymnasium where Under Armour is unnecessary and coats can be left in the car.

Early this morning, as the girls and I got ready to go to two soccer games and one hockey game, Gordy and Henry drove down to Connecticut for Henry's hockey.

It has been a busy fall and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and a few days off from sports.  

A little break will do us all good.

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