Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting Our Christmas On

That's right.

We're festive.

Yesterday, we finally found a few blocks of time to finish our Christmas Decorating.

In the morning, while Georgia and Gordy were at a soccer game, and while Henry and I studied for a science test, Josie unwrapped the tree ornaments:

and then in the afternoon, after Henry and Georgia had finished taking a town hockey-sponsored Concussion Base test, we had an hour window to go and pick out our tree.

Josie wanted "A Big Tree" this year and we let her choose the first one she saw.  

Perhaps we should have measured, because the tree is just a centimeter shorter than our family room ceiling and it's weight really challenged our small-tree-sized base. 

While Gordy paid for the tree, Josie and Henry went to the animal area to check out the lambs and goats:

Hello Lamb!

Hello Goats!


In the evening, as the sun was going down over our neighborhood, Gordy and I went outside and put up the Christmas lights:

Josie joined us and took an artsy photo or two:

We've never put lights outside for Christmas before.  We must be filled with the Christmas Spirit.

Before he left to take Henry to a hockey game, Gordy set up the tree and put the lights on.  It was up to Georgia, Josie and I to put up the ornaments after dinner:

We cranked the Christmas music up and went to work.

The extra tall tree proved a little difficult for us shorties:

but we managed to get the job done:

Now we have one more week until Christmas Vacation.  In addition to ALL the usual activities, Henry has two projects and three tests and Georgia has to recite a poem and study for / take a science test.  We haven't heard anything from Josie's class - maybe we'll get a break, there?

It's hard to do homework after you've been overtaken by Christmas.  Don't teachers understand this? 


The Royal Couturier said...

Love the tree!

I wonder how did you manage to have it put properly!
Do you think Josie will want a goat as a pet?

Happy holidays in advance :)

Martha said...

We did NOT manage to put it up properly, Kem! Sadly the tree was pretty severely tipped the next morning! Whoops!

Josie would like ANYTHING as a pet!

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