Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!  Gordy's parents (coincidentally) arrived at our house yesterday - the first day of Hanukkah - baring Hanukkah presents from Aunt Lois and Uncle Harvey!

The children Elliot were very, very excited.... but sad to not see Lois and Harvey.  

We all missed Lois and Harvey.

Georgia got an added bonus - her birthday present was among the Hanukkah gifts:

I guess I didn't get a photo of the present itself, but it was a beautiful outfit and since it was gray and green and not baby-ish at all, Georgia very much approved.


Georgia and Josie played the role of Father Hanukkah and passed out the presents:

Gordy opened the family present:

a wonderful puzzle which we will all enjoy.

Henry received a New York Rangers sweatshirt... and since it was gray, blue and red and not baby-ish at all, Henry very much approved.

Phew!  (ha, ha!)

We are the type of people who wait and watch each present being opened.  We like being able to Ooh and Ahh and fuss over each present.

Josie opened a wonderful New York Style Diva cup:

And Georgia and Josie both got fabulous silver sparkle tights and art kits:

It was a very Happy Hanukkah, indeed.

I hung our Hanukkah calendar right above our advent calendar in the kitchen.

The children take turns adding flames to the candles and presents to the tree.

I also found these wonderful Hanukkah place mats in Target this year:

Underneath each place mat, is a turnstile that adds flames to the menorah each day.

What's not to love about an interactive place mat?

Happy Hanukkah!


Angie said...

We are a one present at a time family too! My In Laws always just made a mad dash for the gifts and it drove me insane!! I love the oohing and ahhing!

Martha said...

Me too! I also like seeing what everyone else gets!

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