Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make Your Own Snowglobe

And other assorted topics...

Georgia got a Make Your Own Snowglobe kit from Gordy's parents for her birthday.  It was (thankfully) the only craft kit Georgia received this year.

Not one to allow a craft project to fester unopened, Georgia got to work after school:

We read the directions, which were much more complex than you would have thought:

The first step is to make a clay object to use as a center piece of the snowglobe:

Georgia decided on an abstract piece...

and Josie decided on her most pitiful face, in hopes that Georgia would feel sorry and give her some clay to sculpt on her own.  (It worked):

Once the clay is finished, you are supposed to bake your creation at 130 degrees for 30 minutes.

.... 30 minutes later, I realized that the directions said 130C and my oven is an F.  Whoops!  After a quick internet conversion check, I reheated my oven to 266 F and put the moist sculpture back in.  

No one ever said that I was good at reading directions.

The hardened clay will have to cure for a day before we can move on to the next step which involves filling the globe up with sculpture, water, and glitter and then creating a water-proof seal.  I don't foresee that working very well, prepare yourself to read a post about the Great Snowglobe Leak of 2012!

In other news, I decorated our house for the holidays today.

My mantle tree forest has grown this year:

... which is nice since our front-yard forest is slated for removal on Friday.  

This is the before photo for you all to admire:

Most of those unhealthy, strangely-leaning weed trees will be gone soon, which will make sledding down the steep hill much more fun.

Here is a photo taken last week after the first snowfall of the year:

I'm not sure if the dusting we received warranted snow pants and puffy coats... or even that "sled," but who am I to dampen a good time?

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