Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Phase One: The Tree Massacre

The strangest thing happened at our house last Friday afternoon....  there was actual sun streaming in through the front windows and doors.  And it was bright, beautiful and very, very welcomed.

How did the sun find it's way into our house after three dark years?  

Friday morning was the day of the Great Tree Removal - Phase One of our landscaping project.  

This is what our front yard looked like at 7:30am:

Twelve trees were wearing Pink Ribbons of Death.

We did not take this tree removal project lightly.  We are tree-huggers, by nature, not tree destroyers.  But these particular trees were unhealthy, unattractive and causing the many shrubs, plants, flowers and smaller trees in our yard from getting the sun that they so desperately needed.  

The trees were also leaning at strange angles and had branches that constantly needed removal.

The trees slated for death were not just in the front.  In the side yard, there were six, sickly hemlocks that grew in a clump, shading all plant-life underneath.

By 8:00am, Keith's Tree Service had arrived with about 6 men, a large crane and a wood chipper:

It was all fascinating to watch, but my favorite by far, was the man in the harness:

Small branches and evergreens went right into the chipper:

But the oak trees were divided up into smaller sections that will later be corded and sold as firewood:

Lest you think that The Tree Massacre created a wind-swept prairie atmosphere in our neighborhood, take a deep breath and stare at the below photo:

this is the view from our side door, looking into our front yard and the street.  As you can see, we are still well-protected by trees.

True, there are more stumps in my front yard and less trees than there were before...

but if you listen closely, you will hear all these fabulous flowering bushes cheering as the light hits their sun-deprived branches!

Next spring, little guy!  Just you wait until next spring!

The view to our side neighbor is more open, that's true, but we like seeing our neighbors and our neighbors like having sun in their kitchen again.

Here's one final view from the street.  It's a little strange, because that road is actually an incredibly steep slope and the photo makes it look flat:

Phase One is complete.  We are Tamers of the Wilderness and we are happy.

Stay tuned for Phase Two.


Angie said...

Oh wow, what a difference that made! We cut some trees around here this summer. We have had some very bad wind storms this year and there were lots of unhealthy trees around the house. We decided to cut them for safety reasons. It really opened up the place. Your place looks great. I bet your neighbors are happy too :)

Martha said...

It did open the yard up, you are so right! And the next time a hurricane rolls through, I'm going to be so happy we got rid of those side-ways hanging trees!

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