Monday, December 17, 2012

The Favorites of The Year

I am suffering another bad case of Bloggers' Block.  What I am doing - or rather what I SHOULD be doing - is preparing for my relatives to arrive over the weekend for the Christmas holidays.  I am preparing menus, making grocery lists and cooking time tables.  I'm organizing the bed linens, cleaning sheets and towels and counting the guest pillows.  We're also in the midst of studying for those pesky end-of-the-year tests that teachers love to assign right before an extended vacation and sports... oh the sports... well, THOSE never end.

I have not been taking photos of any of this preparation extravaganza.  Does the internet really need to see me in my grubby house-clothes?


You don't.

But that's a moot point anyway.  Like I said, Christmas Prep is what I SHOULD be doing right now.  It's nine o'clock at night and there's plenty of time to put another load of laundry in the washer or put together teacher gifts.  

And yet, what am I doing?  Looking through the year's photos on my computer.  Searching desperately for something, ANYTHING to write about on this, my beloved blog.  

And I think I'm on to something...

I present to you, My  Favorite Photos of The Year!

(don't sigh so loudly, please.  It's rude.)

I tried to pick only one per month, but it was difficult.  A few months have two.  It was a good diversion, but now I must return to housework.  I hope you enjoy bearing witness to my procrastination.












And as for December, well, I have to keep you hanging about that one.  I haven't taken a single December photo that is worthy of a Favorite of the Month prize.  

Perhaps Christmas?


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

That was a great post! Love the pics!

Martha said...

Thank you, Lisa!

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