Thursday, December 20, 2012

When We Last Left Off....

..... The Elliots had placed their new, over-sized, over-ambitious Christmas tree in their old, under-sized, understated Christmas tree holder and hoped for the best.  

We were not sure if said tiny tree stand would hold the massive evergreen in our family room, but we were too busy with other things to give it much thought.

Fast forward twenty four hours and watch me enter the family room to water the tree.  I stoop down to pour the contents of the pitcher into the base when I see the following horror:

Okay.  I suppose the photo does not adequately show The Horror.  In fact, the above picture makes the tree look quite vertical.  But it wasn't.  In actuality, the tree had completely flopped to one side of the base and the stand's other side was raised up about three centimeters from the floor.  The tree itself was being held up by resting on my linen window drapes and the wall.  

I wasn't so worried about the tree, but the drapes!  Oh!  The worry!

It was 8:30 in the morning and Gordy was at work.  Correcting this problem was a two-adult job, so the tree would have to wait.  I pulled the drapes away from the sappy tree and hoped that the wall would pick up the slack.

I also got books from the kitchen to help weigh down the raised side of the stand:

And I went to the store and bought the very last tree stand they had.

It was enormous and I was a little intimidated by the instructions, which included a handful of bolts, nuts and screws.

That night, while Gordy lifted and bent the tree upward, I pulled out the old base and pushed in the new.  Then I held the tree upright, while Gordy bolted it into place.

We stood back and held our breath.

Ta Da!

The tree stayed vertical!  And we didn't lose a single ornament!  Hooray for us.  

It was a do-over, but a successful one.  We are ready for the guests to arrive.  (well, "ready," I mean).  

Happy Holidays everyone!

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