Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lazy Two Weeks (For Me)

A little over a week and a half ago, I got a strange virus.  

I was exhausted and weak.  My ears were clogged and I felt like I had a fever, even though I didn't.  It wasn't the flu.  It wasn't a cold... it just was.

And it was miserable.

The first three days were over a long weekend, so I spent the time, indoors, resting.  

My children were not sick, however and so they spent the time outdoors, playing.

How did I get these photos, you ask?  The laziest way possible.  

I took them from the window and from the warm comfort of my home.

Georgia got an electric scooter for Christmas this year and Henry received one for Christmas last year.

Georgia put on the tunes and the girls sped around our driveway (without helmets... I guess I was too sickly to notice that, whoops!)

They spent the better part of my convalescence at 2 mph, singing Lady Gaga at the top of their lungs.

And I got photographic proof without leaving my sickbed.  It was a perfect win-win situation and it was (apparently) a learning experience.

Fast forward one week to yesterday.  It was snowing and Henry and Georgia were doing their homework in the kitchen.  Josie was finished with her school work and wanted to be outside.  She was determined to look at a snowflake up close and had her magnified glass ready.  I have a rule that the kids have to be together when they are outside, but Josie was so eager to get out while it was still light, that I compromised.

She could play outside as long as she stayed on our back deck.

I didn't tell Josie, but our back deck is rather like a play-pen.

And did I go outside to get my photos?  Once again, no.

I stayed inside - out of the cold, away from the snow  - and took photos of all the action.

I am no longer sick, so I had to admit that I was just being lazy.

I watched Josie through the window.  She made and threw some snowballs.

She made patterns in the snow.

And knocked on the door to ask when Georgia could join her outside:

And she looked at the snow with her magnified glass:

And I captured it all.  While still in my street clothes.  And with no hat, mittens, scarf, snowpants or boots.  

That's right, it's official:  I'm lazy.  


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Not lazy - rather, resourceful! Sorry you've been sick, but glad you are feeling better.

Martha said...

Thanks, Lisa! You're too kind.

Cathrine said...

Hi, finally a comment after lurking for some time :-). I think you are strong woman who keep going on regardless your sickness. You are allowed to take a step back even as a mother. Hope you feel better now. Ps, funny to see your beautiful kransekake and sandkake with Christmas. I'm a Norwegian living in Holland and we also keep the Norwegian tradion at Christmas (and on 17th of may) :-).

Martha said...

Catherine - Thanks so much for commenting! Welcome! And thank you for your kind words. It is hard to parent when you are feeling poorly and it's nice to get some encouragement.

We norwegians do Christmas well, don't we? I wish I had some kransekake and sandkake right now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cathrine said...

My previous comment got lost. Do you have a twitter account? Easier and faster :-). Mine is CathKnol (Cathrine Knol Holte)

kc @ genxfinance said...

The kids look like they are having the time of their lives. It's priceless. ^_^ And I hope Josie found what she was looking for. :)

Martha said...

Cathrine - I don't have a twitter account. With the exception of this blog, I'm not particular techy-savvy. Sorry!

Martha said...

Thank you, Kc! It is fun to be a kid in the snow (and on an electric scooter!)

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Come back soon!

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